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Kay's poetry salon에 갈때 만들어서 가져갔던 선물. Kay는 유난히 사과를 좋아했다.
사과에 피넛버터를 발라서 점심으로 먹곤 했었다.^^
그때 난 기형도의 시를 번역해서 소개했고 나의 시를 읽었다.
Christmas Memory
- by Bh Lee

We did not believe in God or
the Savior baby Christ that time
but we thought vaguely that we had to be
part of the celebration.
My sister and I cut seven paper colors
to make various string ornaments.
We hung them around the walls and ceilings.
We had no Christmas trees;
We could not afford to buy beautiful Greeting Cards,
but we enjoyed every moment of relishing the Christmas spirit
making Christmas cards in an abandoned chilly little room
though we have not many friends to send them all.
The room was the whole wide world for us at Christmas
dreaming of white downy warm snow falling down
covering our shivering bodies like blankets.
We were pre-matured to expect a Santa
coming down from the chimney,
yet we still used to grope the pillows secretly
while we feinted to sleep, in vain.

However, the winter was always colder than our fantasy;
The chilly little abandoned room was too big for us
to decorate and cover up
with our little paper rainbow trinkets.

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