Discover a New World of 3D Creativity at Adobe MAX 2019 in LA.


Adobe MAX 2019 is a chance to experience everything that Adobe does in the world of design – and these days, that means design in three dimensions (a leading design trend in the last year). The company’s global ‘creativity conference,’ which takes place in Los Angeles from November 4-6, provides a chance both to explore Adobe’s work at the frontiers of computer graphics and to discover what its existing tools can do for your workflow: tools that now include 3D material-creation packages Substance Painter and 3D design and rendering software Adobe Dimension.


During this year’s show, guest speakers including graphic designer Erin Kim, brand image consultant at foam Studio, and Christophe Desse, lead technical artist at AAA game developer Naughty Dog, will share their own experiences of making the switch from working in 2D to working in 3D using Adobe’s tools, and the enormous gains in creative flexibility that can result.

There is a distinct visual difference between an image created without light or material in traditional 3D applications (left), an image with only added light when you begin working in Dimension (center), and a finished image in Dimension with both light and materials (right).
With its shallow learning curve, Adobe Dimension helped graphic designer Erin Kim overcome technical hurdles on her move from 2D to 3D: a journey she will recount at Adobe MAX.

From fake 3D to flawless 3D with Adobe Dimension

Erin Kim, now a senior product designer at Adobe, but whose career in graphic design includes spells at both R/GA and Pentagram, wants to help “[people] like myself a few years ago: graphic designers without any former training in 3D,” become more efficient and creative by mastering 3D skills.

In her session, Adobe Dimension: Enabling 2D Designers to Push the Boundaries of Creativity, which runs on Tuesday, November 5 at 8:15AM and Wednesday, November 6 at 10:15AM, Erin will discuss how Dimension automates technical tasks. This includes tasks like texturing and lighting, which helped to smooth her journey from software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.


“Before Adobe, I frequently created 3D mockups for everything from package designs to sneaker campaigns. During that time, I would ‘fake’ the 3D effect [with] painstaking and time-consuming 2D image manipulation,” she says. “As I started using 3D software, I learned to make very simple models fairly quickly [but] the real challenge was how to make [them] look realistic. I often ended up coming back to Photoshop to [add] effects such as lights and shadows because I couldn’t get beyond the gloomy greyish screen on the 3D application.”


“When I joined Adobe, everything changed. I knew immediately that Dimension was the 3D app I had been dreaming of – [an app for] 2D designers like myself who wanted to work in 3D but had been intimidated by its complexity. Ever since then, my personal mission has been [to deliver] user experience in the most accessible way, without a big learning curve.”


In her talk, Erin will demonstrate how Dimension can be used for a range of tasks, from logo and packaging designs right up to creating a complete photorealistic 3D scene. “The thing that I want my audience to remember is [that] 3D is relevant, accessible and even fun,” she says.



S6106 - Adobe Dimension: Enabling 2D Designers to Push the Boundaries of Creativity


Erin Kim, Senior Product Designer, Adobe Dimension, Adobe


Are you a graphic designer who wants expand your repertoire to include 3D design? See how Adobe Dimension can make the world of 3D accessible to you. Join Dimension Senior Product Designer Erin Kim, who made the leap from 2D to 3D design with Dimension, to discover how you can use the easy 3D tools and familiar interface with assets from Photoshop and Illustrator to visualize packaging and logo designs or craft the perfect photorealistic scene.

As Erin shares her journey into 3D with Dimension, you’ll learn:

  • Why Dimension is perfect for graphic designers new to 3D
  • How 3D is different from 2D
  • How to take your 2D designs from Photoshop and Illustrator to 3D 
  • About the latest features in Dimension that will boost your creativity even further


Technical Level: General Audience
Lab Platform: N/A
Type: Session
Category: How To
Track: Drawing & Digital Painting, Graphic Design & Creative Imaging, 3D & Immersive
Product: Dimension
Audience Types: Art/Creative Director, Educator, Game Developer, Graphic Designer, Motion Graphics/Visual Effects Artist, Print Designer, Web Designer, Illustrator
  • Tuesday, November 05 | 08:15 AM - 09:30 AM | LACC-Concourse-408AB

  • Wednesday, November 06 | 10:15 AM - 11:30 AM | JW Marriott-Diamond 5



Erin will speak on Tuesday and Wednesday.  (for over 300 attendees! )


She is going to do the Barcelona workshop on Monday.

I am so proud of her!   I'll keep my fingers crossed for her.






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